Currently we are operating a take away only service on restricted hours due to Covid restrictions. Our opening hours up to and including 16th May 2021 are as follows:

Temporary Opening Hours

Monday – closed except for Bank Holidays when we will open 10am – 4pm
Tuesday – closed
Wednesday – closed
Thursday – 10am until 4pm
Friday – 10am until 4pm
Saturday – 10am until 4pm
Sunday – 10am until 4pm

We look forward to welcoming all of our customers back on 17th May when the Government has announced that restrictions will be lifted, and we intend to go back to our usual opening hours offering both dine in and takeaway:

Normal Opening Hours

Monday – 9am until 4:30pm except Bank Holidays when we will open 9:30am until 4pm
Tuesday – 9am until 4:30pm
Wednesday – 9am until 4:30pm
Thursday – 9am until 4:30pm
Friday – 9am until 4:30pm
Saturday – 9am until 4:30pm
Sunday – 9am until 4pm

Thanks to all our customers for your continued support.