Meet our Friends & Family…

These are the people who make Riverside Tearoom so special. Meet the staff and local suppliers who help create the food and drink served in the tearoom:

Norman’s Butchers

In Norman’s own words, “we’re in the heart of the village and in the villagers’ hearts”. Norman, Anton and Marty know their meat and supply the finest cuts for your culinary pleasure. Catch up with all the latest news on their Facebook page.

Castle Farm

Just up the road from our tearoom, you’ll find Castle Farm and The Hop Shop – home of our delicious apple juices. All of the apples are grown, pressed and bottled on the farm. Can you get any fresher than that?

Find out more on their website.

Blends for Friends

We get all our teas from Blends for Friends in Shoreham. Set up by Alex Probyn, a master tea taster, this company are known for blending teas in new and delightful combinations. You’ll never have tasted a finer cup of tea. Find out all about them at


Nick runs Microroastery, an independent artisan coffee roaster in Canterbury. He only uses high grade 80+ Arabica beans, and roasts in small 5kg batches using a super duper hybrid roaster thingy to ensure quality and freshness – he did tell us exactly how it works but it was all a bit lost on us. What we do know is that his beans help create the most incredible cup of coffee imaginable.

Hewitts Farm

Hewitts Farm are a family-run farm based in Orpington, where you can go to pick your own produce. They supply Riverside with the freshest seasonal fruit and veg.

Cherry Ripe

Based locally in Eynsford, Cherry Ripe is a family-run business that sells the freshest and most succulent fruit and veg around, helping us keep our meals and desserts delicious and full of goodness.

Chegworth Valley

Based in a little village in Kent, Chegworth Valley press juices from hand-picked fruit in a huge variety of different flavours. Their juices are packed with flavour and are wonderfully refreshing.

Vintage Whisperers

A wonderful company that has recently opened its doors in Dartford, Vintage Whisperers reclaim old wood and transform it into beautiful and unique objects, from keyholders to bespoke boxes and picture frames. They handcrafted the lovely cutlery boxes we use here, and we sell some of their creations in the tearoom.

Kent Crips (Quex Park)

All the facilities and products of Kent Crisps revolve around one thing; quality. Our 100% Kent potatoes are the finest, grown locally to Quex Park, they make the crispiest and most flavoursome potato chips. Our crisps are made to be the best they possibly can be. That means we’ve selected and developed every flavour for maximum taste with no artificial flavours or colours or preservatives. They are also 100% GM free.

Kingsdown Water

The Kingsdown source is situated in the heart of the North Downs, just outside the village of Kingsdown, some fifteen miles from the cathedral city of Canterbury. It is the chalk of the North Downs which provides the key to Kingsdown’s purity and quality. By acting as a huge natural filter it removes all impurities whilst ensuring that valuable trace elements are absorbed. The result is pure clean tasting spring water at its very best.